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InverseTelecine for Mac Announcement

To: After Effects Mail List <AE-List@media-motion.tv>
Subject: [ANN] ObviousFX plugins updated for CS5, with InverseTelecine Mac
Date: 26 October 2011


Letting you know that we have released CS5 versions of our plugins:
Erodilation, CopyImage and InverseTelecine.

InverseTelecine has had a major update, and InverseTelecine for Mac is
finally released!



Erodilation for Mac Announcement

To: After Effects Mail List <AE-List@media-motion.tv>
Subject: [ANN] Erodilation Mac now available (and optimized PC too...)
Date: 4 August 2004


We'd get there eventually...

Erodilation 1.1 for Mac OS X (10.2 and later) is now available


Also, the code has been optimized, so if you grabbed the PC version, download the update...


Milky Way Announcement

To: After Effects Mail List <AE-List@media-motion.tv>
Subject: [ANN] over 3600 new effects for AE
Date: 1 July 2004

Well, actually, one new effect, but with over 3600 presets...

ObviousFX would like to announce Milky Way, an audio visualization
renderer for After Effects for Windows v5.5 and later.

Milky Way renders ".milk" presets, as used by the MilkDrop visualizer bundled with Winamp. Over 3600 presets are available from the MilkDrop website or the Winamp forums. About 300 presets are included with the plug-in.

The specs:

- full resolution rendering for SD, HD or film (up to 4K)
- 8 and 16 bit project support
- field and frame render support
- 30 day evaluation version available

A sample movie and trial download are available from:

ObviousFX LLC.

Erodilation Announcement

To: After Effects Mail List <AE-List@media-motion.tv>
Subject: Re: [AE] better minimax? download now...
Date: 26 May 2004


Erodilation v1.0 is now available from <http://www.obviousfx.com>

Erosion or Dilation.
Subpixel sampling (in high quality mode)
8 and 16 bit support.
Bonus "radial" direction - not exactly optimized yet ;)
Windows only.
AE 5.5 and 6.0.

Oh yeah. Free.


Inverse Telecine and Copy Image Announcement

To: After Effects Mail List <AE-List@media-motion.tv>
Subject: [ANN] New plug-ins from ObviousFX
Date: 25 May 2004

Announcing a new company for After Effects plug-ins.


Available now (for Windows):

Inverse Telecine
Removes 3:2 pulldown from telecined footage.
With Automatic pulldown detection and keyframing!
30 day trial version available.
OSX support coming asap.

Copy Image
Copies the current frame's rendered image to the Windows Clipboard.
Simple pasting of the Composition image to other applications.
Free download.

ObviousFX LLC

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